Introduction to Task Lists

Task lists are essentially checklists for tickets. Here are a few ways you can benefit from using task lists:

  • Consistent and systematic approach to tickets: create and use a template to ensure your agents follow SOPs
  • Track ticket progress: keep track of ticket progress, for both agents and end users
  • Ad-hoc reminders: add items to task lists on the go
  • Assist agents: help new agents navigate a ticket by providing instructions
  • Ticket reference: see what actions were taken for a ticket at what time and by who

Feature Summary

  • Task list templates: create reusable templates that you can attach to certain request types or add to tickets
  • In ticket editor: create task lists from scratch or extend a template, all within a ticket
  • Markdown support: insert formatted text and rich content into instruction descriptions
  • History: progress and edit history is visible to agents and end-users
  • Task list summaries: task list summary counts are displayed on each ticket overview. When there are multiple active task lists in a ticket, they will be summed up.

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Task List Templates