Managing Approvals in the Client Portal

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Approvals allow your clients to have some control on what tickets make their way to you. Approval tickets are easy to set up within DeskDirector Client Portal. Check out these related articles about approvals in DeskDirector:

The logic is - before a ticket reaches the tech portal, it will go through an approval workflow.

Approvers who have been selected for the client (see approver permissions above) will receive an email informing them a ticket for approval has been submitted.

These "approvers" will see the Approvals section in their client portal showing any tickets that need their approval. 

The Approval List

Like the name suggests, the approval list will show every ticket that is pending approval. It will show who submitted the ticket, when it was created, the ticket title and the ticket number.

If you are looking for a specific ticket to approve, use the "Search tickets" form. You can use any keyword from the ticket title, owner, and ticket number for the search keyword.

Approving/Declining a ticket

To approve/deny approval for a ticket, just open the ticket, review the information and once everything looks good, scroll all the way down and you should see this at the end of the ticket timeline.

Whether you click on Decline or Approve, a pop-up will appear asking you to add a note. Any reason added to approve/decline the ticket will be added as a public ticket note.

The ticket's status will also be updated to the Approval or Declined status (see: Setting up your Approval Statuses)


Q: I can not see the Approvals tab in my client portal

A: Please have an admin doublecheck if "Approver" permissions have been set for your account.

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