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Aside from the current built-in features, DeskDirector is very extensible with it easy integration to other services. ​Invoices and Quotes in DeskDirector work straight out-of-the box for ConnectWise users.

For Autotask users, these options can be considered as the seamless integrate with DeskDirector:

Aside from these, DeskDirector can also be easily extended with BiggerBrains, an eLearning platform that can help your customers skill up in a huge range of products including Office 365. Our tight integration with BiggerBrains allows all of this content to be embedded right inside Portal so your customers never have to leave the app to start learning.

Aside from the other integrations mentioned above, OneNote Notebooks can also be seamlessly integrated into the DeskDirector Portal. This enables you to easily distribute and communicate information to your customers like newsletters, updates, bulletins or practically any OneNote document. Read more about it here Getting Started with OneNote Notebooks

Lastly, extensibility of DeskDirector is further reinforced with integration to Microsoft Flow. The DeskDirector Flow Connector provides the triggers and actions you need to integrate DeskDirector to many other apps in Microsoft Flow.

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