Microsoft Flow (Power Automate)

Get started with the DeskDirector Power Automate Connector

Prerequisites. Before you can get started with our Power Automate Connector , you need to meet the following requirements: Have the correct Microsoft Power Automate licensing that allows you to use P…


Power Automate Administration

If you are new to Power Automate, there are there are some high-level concepts that you should be aware of in regards to administration. For more in-depth information, please refer to the Microsoft D…


Power Automate Template Gallery

We have created a collection of templates that showcase the DeskDirector connector and examples of things you can automate. The templates are a good starting point that you can extend further or use…


Featured Solution: Teams Ticket Discussion

We now have a new solution for creating discussion threads in Microsoft Teams via the DeskDirector Teams app integration, click here for more details. Easily create ticket discussion threads in Micro…


Featured Solution: Ticket Briefing

Add automated briefing and debriefing notes for specific customer tickets with our Power Automate Solution template. Briefing notes are automatically added when the ticket is created. Debriefing note…


DeskDirector Connector Triggers

There are currently three triggers available in the DeskDirector connector: chat , ticket and workflow based. Basics. When you select a DeskDirector trigger, you will be presented with some fields. T…


Action: Create an email from template

How to use the 'Create an email from template' action.


Power Automate Connector - Setting up your first flow

46 STEPS 1. The first step is to open Microsoft Power Automate in the Environment you want to use and click My flows 2. Click New flow 3. Click Instant cloud flow—from blank 4. Click Flow button for…

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