How do we set a landing page for the client portal?

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is the first page that will load for a client once logged in to the client portal

How do I set a landing page?

Setting a landing page for the client can be easily done from the admin console, but may not be very obvious.

The logic: Any menu item that is at the top order of a menu becomes the landing page.

For the screenshot above, "MyGlue for Desktop" is the first menu item, thus whoever is assigned to this menu will have the MyGlue app as their landing page on the Client Portal.

Why are landing pages essential?

Landing pages enabled you to personalize the client experience while using the client portal. For example, you can create a menu specific for Approvers and have "Approvals" as the landing page.

This means, each time any of the approvers login to the client portal, they will be greeted with tickets that are pending their approval. With the flexibility of menus using custom menu items, the possibility in what landing page you can set are endless.

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