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Every company or organization has several ways to group their employees. Groupings can be per location, branch, teams, departments, roles and others. Initially, in DeskDirector, grouping was very limited to using group tags. Not only was this very tedious to create and manage, it was also very unintuitive.

So, we introduced User Groups! With this feature, you can easily scope access for users in the client portal. It is much easier to use and manage, more intuitive and visually appealing compared to using group tags. Now, you can easily create several groups under one company (e.g. HR, IT, Accounting, Management and others) and assign specific contacts for each.

You can check out scenarios on how you can use this feature.

Scoped ticket access

The main use of creating user group is scoping and grouping ticket access for your contacts. Originally, "All Tickets" permission must be granted to contacts that needs to see tickets their team submits. This works, but it creates too much clutter specially if you only intend to view tickets that belong to your team and not the whole company.

With User Groups, and IT Team Lead's ticket access can be limited to IT-related tickets and not see tickets intended for the HR team and other teams. This reduces clutter and noise that team leads/managers have to deal with in the ticket portal.

Scoped approval system

User group feature also expands the existing approval workflow feature. In the past, each company can only have global-level approvers. This means that, for example, an assigned approver from the IT team will receive notifications about pending approvals even if the ticket is intended for approvers in the Billing team.

Now, you can assign group-specific approvers using user groups. The managers of given group are approvers of that group. Any tickets created for approval under that group will trigger email notification to the group manager, and be able to approve them.

Global approvers can still be defined and used and they can approve tickets belonging to a specific groups. Such is for cases where managers/group-specific approvers are away.

Request types for user groups (Service catalogue)

You can now assign request type group to user group. That way, users can only use specified request types to create tickets under that group. Such capability allows user group to have scoped environment.

Using this, you are able to limit what request types can be used under each user group, like billing-related request types for the Billing team, and so on.

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