Subscribing to Webhooks

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DeskDirector can call webhooks whenever a chat session is created or updated. This is a really powerful way to customise your chat workflow. The following steps assume you already have an http endpoint setup to send data to, we do not currently have a guide to help you do this. If you are comfortable with Zapier or Flow you shouldn't have a problem with following this guide.

Step 1: head to the webhook page

This can be found on your admin console under DeskDirector Api.

Enable the webhooks feature:

Step 2: add a new webhook subscription

Click the subscription dropdown and select New Chat Session or Chat Session Status Changed. Give your subscription a description and enter your endpoint url. Click subscribe.

Step 3: test your webhook

Create a chat session and verify that the payload is reaching your endpoint. To check what the payload should look like, see here.

What can I do with this?

Some ideas:

  • Send an email to a manager whenever a chat session is abandoned by a user
    • Alternatively you could create a ticket inside your PSA to make sure someone follows up
  • Send an email to your technicians if a chat session remains in the 'handled' status for more than 1 hour. It's unlikely that a chat session is ongoing for more than an hour, so this is a good reminder for your technicians to close their chat sessions and create tickets.

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