Advanced Use

DeskDirector API

DeskDirector provides a set of generic and platform APIs for you to integrate with. It allows you to trigger workflows based on Webhooks (such as ticket status changes), add ticket notes on behalf of…

Jason He
Updated 6 months ago by Jason He

Subscribing to Chat Webhooks

DeskDirector can call webhooks whenever a chat session is created or updated. This is a really powerful way to customize your chat workflow. The following steps assume you already have an http endpoi…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 6 months ago by Edcel Ceniza

Portal Deep Linking

This article discusses our new Deep Linking system which requires Portal V2 to be turned on for your clients. To read about the legacy URL linking for Portal V1, click here. What is Deep Linking?. De…

Updated 6 months ago by Chris

Webhook Example with Zapier

In this article, we will be running over a simple example of leveraging Webhooks with Zapier. Although the free tier has limitations, signing up for a Zapier account is great to use for testing. Exam…

Aaron Corney
Updated 10 months ago by Aaron Corney

Chat Session Payload

This is the chat session payload interface you can expect from the New Chat Session or Chat Session Status Changed webhooks (written in TypeScript ): Note that webhooks return arrays in general. So t…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 6 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Legacy URL Linking in DeskDirector

This article applied to Portal V1 only and is out-of-date for Portal V2 users. If you have Portal V2 switched on you will want to use our new Portal Deep Linking. It supports all of the same features…

Updated 6 months ago

Get started with portal extension page demo

In this article, I will demonstrate how to setup sample extension page. By going through this process, you should have more detailed view on how access_token works and how it can help identify given…

Jason He
Updated 6 months ago by Jason He

Dynamic content based on logged in user

There are scenarios, where you want to display customized content for your customer or you have created an awesome internal website that you want to share inside DeskDirector portal, but you only wan…

Jason He
Updated 6 months ago by Jason He

Clean Tickets

One of the most annoying things to deal with when working on tickets that arrive from an email connector is the amount of clutter present in a typical email. You have things like Microsoft safelinks,…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 10 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Exporting Portal Usage

Monitoring your clients' portal can be easily done from the admin console ( see : Monitoring Portal Usage ). However, there are instances where you want control and use this (e.g. feeding the informa…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 3 months ago by Edcel Ceniza