How to setup the Flag feature (ConnectWise)

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For ConnectWise, users can flag a ticket for review. Flagging creates an activity inside ConnectWise for the user's account manager. If there is no account manager for the user's company, the activity will be assigned to the default member. The default member can be configured on the general configuration page.

This page will take you through the steps in setting up the Flag feature for your clients.

Enable Flag permissions for your clients

Enabling flag permissions is done in three levels - global, company and contact. We have a separate article discussing permissions, how to set them up and how they behave (cascading override).

As an overview, cascading override means that any global permission is overridden by company permissions, which is also overridden by contact permissions.

  • You can easily setup Flag permissions globally under Portal > Settings > Permissions then just tick/untick the Flag option. This enables/disables flagging for every contact in your company.
  • To setup the Flag permission for each companies, head to Portal > Companies then select the company you want to control the Flag permissions for, then go to the Permissions tab. Enable the "Override global permission settings" slider to allow you to change the Flag settings to be different from the global settings.
  • To finetune the Flag permissions further, you can set it at a contact Level. Just head to Portal > Contacts then select the contact you want to control the Flag permissions for, then click on the Permissions tab. This will override both global and company permissions.
 Creating the Flag Activity Type in ConnectWise

In ConnectWise, head over to System > Setup Tables > Activity Types and create a new activity called "Flag".

Tickets can now be Flagged in the Client Console

Once the first steps are set up, all the clients with flag permissions should now see the "Flag Ticket" tab on their tickets. Just provide the reason for flagging (for the account manager to review), then click the "Flag Ticket" button. The reason they enter will be added as a note to the ticket.

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