Deleting Orphaned Tickets

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Deleted ticket in ConnectWise/Autotask still appears in DeskDirector?

To streamline the experience in DeskDirector, we normally cache tickets that have been synced into the system. There are instances where when a ticket is removed in your PSA (ConnectWise/Autotask), it may still appear in DeskDirector. Our sync system is not perfect because are unable to detect when an entity's deleted in your PSA, leaving many ticket orphans inside our database.

Since DeskDirector server v18.133.1, we have scheduled daily tasks to go through and hunt down those orphans. Detailed schedules are listed below.

  • Sun - Fri 1AM, system verify any tickets that's been updated within last 7 days.
  • Sat 1AM, system will verify through all cached tickets.
ConnectWise Advanced Detection

On top of daily schedule, we have also implemented integration with ConnectWise' webhook. That way, we can allow our system to have nearly real time detection of any deletion from ConnectWise then sync it with our database.

Manually deleting orphaned Tickets

Just like any system, automatic removal of orphaned tickets in DeskDirector may fail, but don't worry as you can easily manually delete these orphaned tickets from the DeskDirector admin console. To do that, just head to Advanced > Delete Tickets > Verify Tickets.

Once on the page, just enter the ticket number(s) of the orphaned tickets then hit the "Delete Tickets" button. This should purge the ticket from DeskDirector's database just like how it is in ConnectWise/Autotask.


Q: I specified the wrong ticket number and deleted a valid ticket. What should I do?

A: If a ticket is removed from DeskDirector by mistake, you can just add a note to the ticket in Autotask/ConnectWise and our engine will bring that ticket back to DeskDirector on next sync.

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