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Your DeskDirector experience can be extended further with the power of the DeskDirector APIs and our Webhook. To access the Developer Corner, head to Advanced > Developer Corner. In this page you will find three sections:


The DeskDirector API is a very powerful tool and if used properly, extends the functionalities and possibilities of what you can do with DeskDirector.

In this section you can View/Regenerate/Delete your API Key. You can check out this separate guide on the DeskDirector API to know more about it:

Advanced Features


Just like the DeskDirector API, the use of webhooks extends the functionalities and possibilities you can do with your DeskDirector instance. Webhooks can be used for automations as it includes event-related triggers like ticekt approval, ticket life cycle, chat and others.

Check out these separate articles about webhooks and how it can be used:

ConnectWise Reporting API

This section will appear for ConnectWise instance. This enables reporting which works on top of the ConnectWise API. Each row report is a JSON object which should makes it easy to consume both by backend or frontend application.


The CORS (Cross-origin Resource Sharing) setting is for customers who want to query the DeskDirector API in a website that's hosted in different domain. Having these validate and authorizes the URL you will specify to query your DeskDirector instance.

This can be used when adding an extension menu that uses an external site, querying into your DeskDirector instance.

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