Managing Webhooks

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Webhook is a really powerful tool that helps extend the functionalities of ticket/chat events in your DeskDirector instance and this is best used for automation. You can subscribe to webhooks via Zapier or Microsoft Flow. You can also use PostBin or similar services to test a webhook's payload.

Here is some of common scenarios where you can use webhooks for.

  • Notify technicians in Microsoft Teams or Slack once a ticket is updated
  • Notify technicians in Microsoft Teams or Slack when a user has requested chat.
  • Achieve multi-tier approval when tickets get marked with Approval Required
  • Send emails to respective users and include form entries in the email, formatted to include detailed information from the ticket/chat request.

You can manage your webhooks via the admin console in Advanced > Webhook. There should be an enable/disable slider just beside the "Webhook" header. This functions the same as the Webhook checkbox in Advanced > Developer Corner > Advanced Features > Webhook.

Once in the Webhook page, you should see four tabs that have separate functions

Registered Webhooks

This tab shows the current active webhooks for your site. This lists the webhook description, together with the webhook receiver URL and the ticket/chat event it is assigned for.

On this page you can delete a webhook or regenerate a secret for it. Clicking on "Display detail" will display the full webhook receiver URL and show the full secret.

This is also where you create a ticket/chat webhook. Here are two working examples of how to create a ticket and chat webhook:

Deleted Webhooks

This tab basically just lists that recent webhooks that have been removed from your instance. Webhook scan be deleted manually from the "Registered Webhooks" tab or by script. 

Webhook Security

This tab basically just explains how security is done and handled for webhooks to make sure your webhook request authenticates with DeskDirector.

Payload Sample

This tab will just show a sample schema payload when handling webhooks for Ticket and Chat events. This comes handy when trying to integrate with other platforms like Zapier or Flow as they will require/expect a schema.

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