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Question Types in Detail

Here is all the type of questions currently supported in DDForms. 


Simple text input which is single-line by default. Check the “Long answer” box to make this multi-line.Custom Validation – Maximum length of the input.


By default this is a single-choice question. Check the “Multiple answers” box to make this multi-choice.By default this is displayed to the user as a series of radio buttons. Check the “Dropdown” box to turn this into a dropdown.Options may be added. The name given will be displayed to the user.


The question will be displayed inside a bold header.The description will be displayed below.Useful to explain something to your users before they proceed.Can be used to break your form into various sections.

The statement field description also supports Markdown. You can display hyperlinks, bullet pointed lists and more.


Simple numerical input.Custom Validation – Equality/Inequality conditions


A date input. Users will be presented with an easy to use calendar.


A standard short text input with Google auto-complete support.You can specify which country google will provide suggestions from.

Email / Url

Looks the same as short text field but with extra HTML5 input validation.

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