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Question Types in Detail

Here is all the type of questions currently supported in DDForms. You can also embed YouTube or other content into description of any field type. To check out how, head to DeskDirector forms - Embed content


By default this is a single-choice question (radio buttons). If you want to change it to a checkbox which allows multiple selections, enable the “Multiple answers” option. If you want to convert the field into a dropdown selection, enable the “Dropdown” option. The name given will be displayed to the user.


Simple text input which is single-line by default. Check the “Long answer” box to make this multi-line. Custom Validation – Maximum length of the input.

Email / Url

Looks the same as short text field but with extra HTML5 email input validation.


The field will be displayed inside as prompt text. The description can also be added as additional info. This field is very useful in explaining something to your users. This field does not serve the purpose of section.

The statement field description also supports Markdown, giving it more flexibility. You can display hyperlinks, bullet pointed lists and more.

Statement field in example below only visible when end user selected yes.


Simple numerical input. Custom Validation – Equality/Inequality conditions

Date / Date Time

A date input. Users will be presented with an easy to use calendar. This is supported by all ever green browsers.


A time input. Users will be presented with an easy to use time input.


A phone input allow users to enter phone number with correct format. Our system perform heavy lifting to verify phone format according to country code that's been selected.


A standard short text input with Google auto-complete support. You can specify which country google will provide suggestions from.


More information regarding this field is in this separate guide - DeskDirector Dynamic Fields

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