Top 10 Request Types

In DeskDirector, there is no one-size fits all for support request types that you can have for your clients, however, here are the 10 most popular request types that most people use. 

They have been sorted by Category (grouping) name and Request Type name. Please remember that not all request types need to have a category name, and can just have thr request type name, in which case the request type name shows up as a top level category.

Email Issues  Can't send emails
Email Issues Can't receive emails
Email Issues Need to set an out-of-hours message
Printer Issues Can't print 
Printer Issues Scanner is not working
Printer Issues  Photocopier not working
Hardware Issues I need a new machine/I need a quote on new equipment
Hardware Issues Need a new peripheral (mouse, keyboard, headset)
  I have some other computer issue 
  I have an issue with the phone system
  Critical - I have an urgent problem

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