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Power Automate Template Gallery

We have created a collection of templates that showcase the DeskDirector connector and examples of things you can automate. The templates are a good starting point that you can extend further or use as is.

In the gallery, you can view documentation about each template and download a ZIP file for importing into your own Power Automate environment. If you encounter issues with any of our templates or have an idea for a template that may be useful, please contact us via our support portal.

Flow Template vs Solution

In the gallery, you will see two tables. Read the administration article for some differences between flows and solutions from an access point of view. The functional reasons as to why we have two ways of sharing our templates are as follows:

Flow Template

  • All logic is contained within one flow


  • Logic is split into multiple flows, or there are multiple flows that need to be used together
  • Require use of Dataverse to store some relevant information.

Importing into Power Automate

The ZIP files downloaded from the gallery can be directly imported into Power Automate. You don't need to extract/unzip the file. Please read the README file prior to importing to make sure you have the required connections, as you will be asked to select the connections during the import process.

  • Import a template

Post-import Setup

After successfully importing one of our templates or solutions into Power Automate, there are usually some further settings that need to be configured. Follow the 'Setup' section of the respective README file in the gallery.

Sometimes there may be a further 'Optional Setup' section that is not mandatory, but provides ideas to extend the logic/functionality.

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