Getting Started with the Learning Center

Please note that the learning center shown in the video is from an older UI version.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a great way to educate your clients and share documents with them. You can also link to videos and files hosted online. This page will take you through the steps on how to set up and customize your customer's Learning Center experience.

To get started, login to your DeskDirector admin console and head over to Portal > Learning Center.

Creating Learning Center Category and Items

You can think of Categories as the folders that contain individual Learning Center pages. We provide everyone with some Microsoft examples to get them going - you can of course change or delete these if you wish.

1.  Insert a New Category

Click the Add Category button, then enter a Category name that you want your clients to see and click Create. This will create a new Category to your learning center.

2. Add one or more Items to the Category

Open the category you wish to add the items to (in this case, the new category you created) then click on the Items tab. This tab contains all the learning items in the current category.

  • To add an Item, Click Add Learning to open the new item screen then fill in the needed information.
  • To edit an item, click on the name of the learning item. This will take you to a new screen to edit the details.
  • To delete an Item, simply click Delete in the edit item screen, and when the pop up screen appears, click Ok.
  • To set up who can view the learning center, click on the Filters tab. You can specify a company or contact in this tab.
Setting up Learning Center Access 

To set up the Learning Center, head over to your Admin Console under Portal > Settings. On this page, under the Permissions tab, simply select Learning and add it to the list of global permissions. This will enable Learning for all your clients.  

You can finetune access further by setting permissions in the company or contact level.

Set up Category Filters

Any user who has been given the Learning Centre permission via the Admin Console will be shown this module in DeskDirector. You can create Categories that can only be seen by particular clients. This can be done in the Learning Center. Click on the Category you want to add a filter for to open the Category Settings page then click on the Filters tab.

On this screen, you can add/remove entries to Company Filter or Contact Filter. Click on the + icon to add companies/contacts from a pop-up. To remove companies/contacts, just click the checkbox beside there name and click the delete icon.

Only clients added in the filter will see this Category.  If both fields are left blank, all your clients will be able to see the Category.

 Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are some links on the sample Microsoft learning materials not working?

A: The MS learning materials are setup as a starting point and we do not regularly check if the links are working. We are giving it to you as an example. You can replace it with your own learning materials or update MS learning links manually.

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