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With DeskDirector being a ticketing system, you'd want to monitor your tickets -- their idle time and age. This can be easily monitored using Service Radar.

You can access this tool via the admin console > Service Radar. On initial load, you will be asked which service board/queue you'd want to check. Just select the board(s) you want, then the graph should load with plotted points which represents a specific ticket color-coded based on their priority, carefully plotted to the graph based on their ticket age/idle time and the actual hours spent.

You can adjust the Boards, Priorities and Companies filter to your liking. Hovering over the color-coded points should show a few of the ticket details and clicking on them should open the specific ticket in a new window.

The Service Radar will resync every 5 mins, you can also force to trigger that using the information icon in the upper-right corner then click "Trigger resync data".

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