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This article shows how to customize emails sent from DeskDirector, these emails includes:

  • Approval
  • Portal token login
  • Portal reset Password
For other email customization please check HTML Email Templates - ConnectWise or HTML Email Templates - Autotask.

Create a Template

A DeskDirector email template is made up with MJML content with variables that will be replaced with real data during rendering. E.g:


Hi {{ Contact.FirstName }}, use {{ Token }} to sign into our portal.

renders to:

Hi John, use 12345 to sign into our portal.

You templates can be edited in the admin console. To get started, go to your admin console -> Labs (under Advanced group) -> Email Templates.

When template is not enabled for a give email type, DeskDirector will fall back to use the built-in generic templates.

The easiest way to create a template is to import a sample template then customize it to fit your need.

To do that, select a template that you want to customize in the list, e.g. Portal Passwordless Token, then select import sample template from dropdown within code tab.

Then select a sample from the drop down and click Import.

Modify the imported content in the editor, click Save

Use Variables

A variable looks like this in the template

{{ Contact.FirstName }}

Where Contact is an object and FirstName is a property of the object.

To add a variable, go to tokens tab, mouse over to copy variable, then you can go back to code tab to paste it.

Preview a Template

Preview is automatically regenerated whenever content of template has been changed. It uses sample data for that template to generate preview.


Template language for DeskDirector Email Template

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