Submitting a Generic Ticket

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When submitting a concern/issue via the client portal, there are instances where the existing category and request types do not match your request. We've considered that, so we added a "Something Else" option just for this reason.

You should see this option right at the bottom of all the current request type categories.

By keeping this option open, end users will always be able to log a generic ticket, especially when they can't find what they need within your existing Request Types and Forms.

If you don't want this option presented, you can always disable the "Something Else" option.

Frequently asked question:

Q: Can I rename "Something else"?

A: No, you can't, but you can easily create another generic request type and name it however you like. You can then disable the default "Something else".

Q: Can I move "Something else" to the top?

A: No, you can't, but you can create a generic request type and following the ordering logic for request types

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