Setting up Notifications

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The Notification feature allows users to receive alerts on their desktops for certain events.  These notifications appear on the desktop and can be dismissed by the user, or they close after 10 seconds.  

The client will be notified when:

  • A ticket status is changed
  • Notes or time entries have been added
  • A company broadcast from DDTech

Portal Notification settings are global, so once enabled, all of your clients will see them. Unless you add contacts / companies to the advanced filters listed below

Enabling Notifications

To enable notifications, follow the steps below

  1. Login to your Admin portal
  2. Navigate to Portal > Notifications
  3. Turn on the 'Enable Notifications' switch
  4. Enable the specific notification events that you want to receive
  5. Add Boards to send notifications. Please Note: No boards added = No notifications
  6. To limit which companies or contacts receive notifications, add them to Receivers in the Advanced Tab. We recommend limiting this feature to individual clients as you update each one.
  7. To limit notifications by ticket status, add them to the Status triggers in the Advanced Tab

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Controlling Which Statuses Fire Notifications