Changing the Summary of Wufoo Tickets

Wufoo is no longer supported. Please move to our own custom forms.

We've added a neat little feature which allows you to alter the summary field of tickets submitted using Wufoo forms so you can easily distinguish tickets at a glance.

How it Works

The summary is built from up to 3 different form fields; the summary, and 2 appended fields. You can control which fields are used for the summary by using the following CSS Layout Keywords:


This class lets us know that this field is the one you want to use as your summary base.


This class lets us know that the value of this field should be appended to the base summary.


  • You can have no more than two dd-summary-append fields and no more than 1 dd-summary field
  • If there are more than 3 dd-summary-append fields, the first 2 are chosen. Similarly, if you have more than 1 dd-summary field the first is chosen.
  • The summary base can be built from 3 different values: the value of the dd-summary field, the default summary of the portal/request type, or the Wufoo form name. This is also the order in which we check for the summary value.
  • The dd-summary class is not required to use dd-summary-append fields



On the Wufoo form detail screen, you can see what fields you are using for each CSS class:

  1. In this section you can see whether your DDMETA field exists for this form
  2. In this section you can see whether you have set a summary field, or summary append fields. You will get a warning (in the form of a red number badge) if you have exceeded the number of allowed fields.

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