ConnectWise Member Impersonation

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Member impersonation is a feature that allows our system to modify tickets, create notes and other ticket actions by impersonating the member instead of appearing as the DeskDirector API.

With member impersonation enabled, any action on the ticket is logged as the member in the payload (or in Connectwise' ticket audit log). With it disabled, anything done on a ticket is logged as the generic DeskDirector API.

You can easily enable member impersonation from your DeskDirector Admin Console under System > PSA Integration > Impersonation:

Member Impersonation Common issues:

I can't update tickets if Member Impersonation is enabled:

This is normal because with member impersonation disabled, the DeskDirector API is used which very likely has admin role enabled (recommended).

To fix this, just go login to your ConnectWise instance then go to System > Members:

  • Option 1: Update the role of the member to the same as the DeskDirector API. If you don't want to do do that, proceed to the next option:
  • Option 2: In the Members page, take note of the Role ID of the affected member(s). Head to System > Security Roles then click on the role of the affected member(s) then head to Service Desk > Service Tickets and make sure Add/Edit/Delete/Inquire Level is set to All. Do the same for every affected security role(s).

I can't add time entries with Member Impersonation enabled:

It's the same concept as above. The needed permission for it is under Finance > Billing Time View and make sure Inquire Level is set to All (or you may also set Add/Delete/Edit to All).

Once you have made these changes, head back to Member Impersonation setting in the DeskDirector admin console and make sure you have enabled it and test if everything works as expected.

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