Troubleshooting Connectwise/Autotask-related integration issues

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Can't update a ticket or add time entries to it

The best first step is to make sure that that specific resource/member can access the ticket from the PSA and leave notes/time entries from there. If they can access the ticket and can update it, proceed with troubleshooting.

The second step to troubleshoot this is to disable member/resource impersonation from your admin console. This can be done under admin console > System > PSA Integration > then uncheck "Impersonate Member/Resource".

Once it is unchecked, try to login to the Tech Portal then test leaving a time entry to the ticket. If it works, it means that the API integration itself has the correct permission. Please enable "Impersonate Member/Resource" again from the admin console.

To permanently fix the issue:

Can't update a ticket or add time entries even if resource/member impersonation is disabled

There are possibly specific permission issues that is preventing the change. You can easily check this from the browser's developer console. While you have the ticket in the Tech Portal open, press F12 in your keyboard to open the developer console, then go to the Network Tab.

Try to attempt adding a time entry, or any updates to the ticket and you should see an element in red which will signify an error.

Click on the error which should provide more specific error messages under the "Preview" or "Response" tab. Examples are below:

Such errors should be able to help you check and fix the issue from your PSA.

The member/resource does not appear on the list when we try to assign tech to a ticket

First, please make sure that the member/resource is in your PSA. We only sync what is on the PSA. If the member/resource does not exist in the PSA, you must first add it. Once added, wait for a few minutes and refresh your admin console and tech portal and confirm if the tech now appears on the list.

The member/resource is in the PSA, but does not appear on DeskDirector.

First, you must understand how DeskDirector syncs data. Now, grab the resource/member's entity ID from your PSA, then run it via the Diagnose Entities tool and check it's lastUpdated date. If the date is a few days/months back, do any changes to the member/resource from your PSA and save it.

Saving it will change it's lastUpdated date and will force a resync to our database. Give it a few minutes, then refresh the admin console and tech portal, then check and confirm if the member/resource now appears in the portal.

I've waited a while and the member/resource still does not appear on DeskDirector

For DD for Connectwise instance, you can easily run the Integration Tester to test if there are issues witht he integration permissions that's preventing us from pulling in data from Connectwise into DeskDirector.

Attached is an example result from the Integration Tester showing that the API has encountered and error with the "Members" table.

With this results, we can pull in every entities from Connectwise except anything on the Member table. Review the integration documentation for Connectwise here.

If there are no issues with the Integration Tester (or you are on Autotask), reach out to our support team and we will try to force a manual resync of data.

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