Branding the DeskDirector Teams App

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The DeskDirector Teams app provides MSPs with the ability to brand and personalize the app to match their client portal's look and feel. This is a great way to ensure consistency and professionalism across all tools and platforms.

Think of branding your DeskDirector Teams app like installing a new app on your smartphone. The app icon and general theme are set by the smartphone's system settings—akin to Microsoft Teams in this case. However, once you open the app, it can have its own look and feel, which is controlled by the settings within the app itself. In the context of the DeskDirector Teams app, this is analogous to the embedded portal that can be customized via your DeskDirector Admin portal.

Branding Settings in Microsoft Teams

Your need access to your clients' Microsoft Teams admin center to customize the DeskDirector Teams app. The properties you can modify include:

  • Short name
  • Short description
  • Full description
  • Privacy policy URL
  • Website URL
  • Terms of use URL
  • App icon
  • Outline color of the icon
  • Accent color

Here is the link to the DeskDirector app in Microsoft Team admin center, please make sure to sign in as an admin user of the Teams tenant that you want to customize the branding.

For more details, please refer to the official Microsoft guide: Customize Apps in Microsoft Teams

Branding of the embedded portal

This is the same as how you would brand your web version client portal. Learn more

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