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You can alter logo and icons in DeskDirector portal. In this article I will explain how to set them up and where they will be used.

There are two different deploy method for logo and icon.

  • Deployed through re-package installer file. Files under this category will deployed to given device, to update or replace, it will require re-package the installer and trigger reinstall through RMM tool.
  • Deploy through web link. This is typically used within app. Thus, the next time user reload application, logo will point to new web location.

DeskDirector portal can be installed on given machine as standalone application, or accessed through browser as web application. There are 4 scenarios that we want to cover.

Desktop shortcut icon

Shortcut icon is deployed through the installer. Each time change or update, it will require redeployment.

Icon will be used as the desktop shortcut, taskbar/tray icon, notification icon.

You can set shortcut icon inside admin portal => Portal => Desktop Installer => Icon.


Favicon is typically used in web browser's tab. It use to indicate which website it belong to. It is also deployed through web-link. That means, next time user refresh the page, or re-enter the page, new icon should be displayed.

Below is google play's favicon.

Favicon can be setup at admin portal => Portal => Settings => Profile

Logo is used in portal's login page and left side menu after logged in. This is deployed through web-link as well. This also apply to desktop version from v3.3.

You can setup this at admin portal => Portal => Settings => Profile

Mobile logo will be used when add web portal as home page in smart phone. Mobile logo is deployed through web-link, but it does not change if user already added as home screen. Mobile will cache the icon. User will require to delete home screen and add it again.

You can setup this at admin portal => Portal => Settings => Profile

Override the default setting

For customer who looking into replace their branding with streamline IT's branding. We also have that covered.

You can replace favicon, logo, mobile logo per companies.

To setup, simply go to admin portal => Portal => Companies => select one of company => profile

When override, there is something you should aware.

  • favicon: Favicon will use default before login. It will only be replace in logged in session.
  • Logo: logo only apply to left side navigation. Login logo will use default logo.
  • Mobile logo: Only when adding portal as home page after logged in.

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