Branding your DeskDirector Portal

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You can easily define branding for your portal (web and desktop) from the DeskDirector admin console. In this article we will explain how to set them up and where they will be used.

The DeskDirector Portal can be installed on given machine as standalone application, or accessed through browser as web application.

Branding the DeskDirector Web Portal

The portal settings can be accessed via the DeskDirector admin console then head to Portal > Settings > Profile

Portal Title

This is basically what your portal will be named to. For example, if your company name is VeryAwesomeITPeople, you can use VeryAwesomeITPeople Support Portal as your portal title. You can use any title that you prefer. It will be displayed inside the portal, on a browser tab, and when the site is saved into someone's mobile home screen.


Favicon is typically used in web browser's tab. It is used to help indicate which website the tab belongs to. Here is a screenshot of both the Portal Title and the Favicon defined and how it will look on a browser tab.

Logo is used in portal's login screen and in the left side menu after logging in. It is recommended to use a PNG with a transparent background as this can easily adjust to whatever colors are used when theming your DD Portal.

As of v3.3 of the Portal, any changes to the logo will also affect the Desktop Portal.

The mobile logo will be used when the web portal is added into a smartphone's home screen. Any changes to the mobile logo will not automatically change logo in the smartphone's home screen as this is cached in the phone. The user will need to delete and resave the web app into their home screen.

Color Theme

Here you can specify the global color scheme for the portal. This can be overridden by theming for specific companies. Here's a separate article about theming in DeskDirector.

Overriding the default branding

For customers who are looking into replacing their branding with StreamlineIT's branding, it should also be possible. You can replace favicon, logo, mobile logo per company.

To set this up, simply go to the DD admin console and head to Portal > Companies > Select the company > Profile

Here's a few things to note when overriding the portal branding:

  • Favicon: The default Favicon will be used before login. It will only be replaced once the user is logged in.
  • Logo: The defined logo will only apply to left side pane once logged in to the Portal. The login logo will use default logo.
  • Mobile logo: They'll only see the logo if they saved the app to their home screen after logging in.

Branding for the DeskDirector Desktop Portal

The desktop portal installer settings can be accessed via the DeskDirector admin console then head to Portal > Desktop Installer.

You can build different branding for different companies. Just specify a name in the "New brand name" form then click on the + icon to create the brand, then customize it as you like, build the installer package then provide the installer to the clients you want it for.

Any changes to the DD Desktop Installer settings do not appear to the Desktop Portal right away. This must be repackaged and reinstalled on the computer.
Product Name

The product name is used in naming the desktop app and it also appears as the window name when the desktop app is open. Here's a screenshot of the Product Name defined and how the app name looks when searching for the app in Windows.


The icon defined here will be used as a desktop shortcut, taskbar/tray icon, notification icon.

The other settings like Mobile Logo and Theme does not affect the desktop portal anymore. These settings now rely on the web portal settings.

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