What is the DeskDirector Admin Console?

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The DeskDirector admin console is where all the magic happens. This is where you integrate, manage, and configure stuffs. Here are a few actions that you can do inside the DeskDirector admin console:

  • Manage your account/subscriptions
  • Integrate your PSA
  • Manage companies/contacts under your company
  • Create your service catalogue (request types and forms)
  • Control permissions for companies/contacts
  • Setup custom menus
  • Create email templates
  • Build your branding
  • Setup the Learning Center
  • and a whole lot more..
Here's a screenshot of the DeskDirector admin console
Getting Started with the DeskDirector admin console:

To get started with playing around your admin console, you will need to login. Here's a quick guide on how to login to DeskDirector:

DeskDirector Admin Console tabs:

In order for you to see all these awesome tabs, you must first login to your DeskDirector admin console. There are several tabs in the admin console, each of which serves their own purposes in managing and customizing user experience for your DeskDirector site.

DeskDirector Admin

Housed here are mostly your DeskDirector license, and your database details. For ConnectWise instances, the ConnectWise Reports tools helps in troubleshooting any issues with CW to DD and vice versa.


This is where product updates normally appear. A graph on your portal usage also appears in this page, showing the monthly activity (number of users and total user activity) for the past 12 months.


This is where you control what goes into the Client Portal. You can setup branding, permissions, request types, forms, companies, contacts, menus, notifications and more. We have a separate set of articles dedicated to knowing more about the Client Portal which you can check out.


This is where access to the Tech Portal and boards are managed. In the Members/Resources tab, you can set roles per Tech and also manage which boards and companies they have access to. Check out this separate set of articles about the Tech Portal and what you can do with it.


This is the main control page for the whole DeskDirector instance you own. This is where you integrate your PSA credentials so they work hand-in-hand with DeskDirector. Tickets settings are also handled here like default board/source and ticket status. You can also configure OAuth and Passwordless in this page.


On this page you can setup your email delivery method -- SMTP or Office 365. You can also create your custom email templates here, then assign it to notification events from your DeskDirector instance.


DeskDirector integrates seamlessly with several applications and this is where you control integration for each of them. Currently, here are the applications DeskDirector can integrate with:

  • ConnectBooster
  • Wise-Pay
  • QuoteWerks
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Wufoo (deprecated)
  • ScreenConnect (deprecated)
  • AuthAnvil (deprecated)

Sounds daunting, but this page isn't all that extra difficult. This is where you will create/manage Webhooks and the DeskDirector API. This tab also contains tools that helps in diagnosing issues that you may encounter with DeskDirector and your PSA. The tools are 'Integration Tester' and 'Diagnose Entities'.


This page will show you a graph of your DeskDirector instance' usage (much like the homepage), plus more specifics. This also shows usage for BiggerBrains and a Service Radar of tickets handled on your boards.


This will only show up once DeskDirector Lab is enabled under Preferences. True to its name, this is where you can get a preview and test experimental features in DeskDirector. These experimental features very rarely have any concrete documentation yet, so you can either figure it out on your own or you can reach out to support to ask about the feature.


This is where the nitty gritty details of each version releases for the admin console, tech portal, client portal and even the server, are released. If you want to more about every details of each releases, this is the place to go.


These details every item in your DeskDirector subscription -- an itemised breakdown of the cool features that comes with what you pay us. You can also update your credit card information from this page, then add/remove optional features to your DeskDirect subscription.

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