Surveys in DeskDirector

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Customer satisfaction is at the core of support experience, and surveying for your customers' experience helps you measure their satisfaction and how you can improve the services and products you offer.

High levels of customer satisfaction are strong indicators for client loyalty and retention and a great tool to lure in new customers. Additional information of why a customer liked their experience helps businesses plan how they can recreate that experience moving forward.

So, as a support portal, DeskDirector had to integrate a way to measure customer support satisfaction. True to being an ever-evolving platform, DeskDirector introduces "Surveys".

Surveys in DeskDirector are used to understand your customer’s satisfaction levels with the service your techs have provided to your clients. This is a simple built-in feature that either be integrated into the Ticket Life Cycle, asking about a customer's overall satisfaction with his service interaction once a ticket is closed, or can be initiated via an email broadcast

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