Autotask integration major update 2022

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Autotask integration was done through their SOAP API. Since Autotask introduced their new RESTful API on Q4 of 2020, they have sunset their SOAP API. As of March 2022, DeskDirector has taking its step towards transition to use Autotask's RESTful API. As result, many of our customer's instance cannot upgrade due to the integration requirement has changed. In this article we will lead you through transition.

The requirements

Question & Answers

Q: How come TECH portal no longer allow delete ticket?

A: Autotask RESTful API removed capability of delete ticket. We don't know if they will ever bring the functionality back.

Q: There is no removal date for Autotask SOAP API. Why cannot we continue to use it?

A: That will be very risky. Since SOAP API been officially marked as deprecated, if we implement when they announce removal it might be too late. Also, the new RESTful API provide more capability. Such as provide license type for resource. That way our system can figure out whether given resource is API resource, which they shouldn't be allowed to access TECH portal.

Q: Why do you lock my server update?

A: Server version later than 19.58.3 will use Autotask RESTful API only, thus it is required that you have correct setting before upgrade.

Q: I have updated API resource, what's next?

A: You should update DeskDirector server with new API resource credential if it has been changed. Then contact with our support, which we will verify if you have configured correctly and unlock your DeskDirector server update once verified.

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