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v5.0.14 - 28 Sep 2022
  • Re-compile for x64 OS. In the future we will only compile for x86 when there is critical bug.

v5.0.13 - 14 Sep 2022
  • FIXED Deeplink registry was point to incorrect execution file.
  • IMPROVED Any CPU compile will result as x64, change specifically for x86, so anyone can install it. In the future we will look into whether provide different version of installer or stick with x64.

v5.0.12 - 16 Sep 2022
  • FIXED Avoid WebView2 from crash by delay the switch on new tab.

v5.0.11 - 8 Sep 2022
  • FIXED The screenshot file was missing file extension.
  • FIXED When open new tab by using right click on open link in new window, it can cause WebView2 to crash. Such crash also cause e.NewWindow = webView2 code to fail and crash the application. This version should avoid crash application, but crash on WebView2 will still exist.
  • IMPROVED The application should now use icon for system tray, rather than logo.

v5.0.10 - 13 May 2022
  • IMPROVED The application will check location C:\DeskDirector\Temp for assets during installation.

v5.0.1 - Released on 17th of Jan 2022 (version difference)
  • Desktop portal implement by using Microsoft WebView2. Which is powered by Microsoft Edge (Chromium). It has better security compare to Electron.
  • Notification now uses Windows Notification system. (Windows 10, 11).
  • WebView2 can update itself, the browser itself is truely evergreen. Different to Electron where it requires to re-deploy. You can choose to install evergreen version of WebView2.
  • Branding can be done locally. Which means you no longer have to wait on packaging service to process.
  • Better chat integration, new chat message arrival or invitation retrieval will show windows notification if desktop portal is not under focus.
  • Better idle detection. In the past the idle is detected by whether user is focused on client portal. Version 5 can check if user is idle on given OS.

v4.3.0 - Released on 29th of Sep 2020
  • Bring back support of system tray for MacOS. This has been removed since desktop portal 2.x with unknown reason.

Electron 4.3 been released for Oceania, and for rest of world on 7th of Oct 2020. Windows release has been delayed in favor of MSI package. We are working hard on achieving that as this was one of top request from our customer.

v4.0.0 - Released on 23rd of Sep 2020
  • Upgrade desktop portal to use latest Electron build. (upgrade from Electron 2.x to 10.x)
  • ScreenConnect integration has been suspended until some of technical issue been resolved.

Electron 10.x is Chromium 85 and Electron 2.x was Chromium 61. This helps our desktop portal stay on latest web stack and align with all ever green browsers.

v3.x - Released 28th of Aug 2019
  • Desktop portal no longer bundled with portal code base. It now uses webportal. Which means, any fix, change or update to webportal will be immediately applied to desktop portal.
  • Future desktop portal update will only contain specific change to desktop version only.
v2.4 - Released 17th June 2019
  • Users with the AllTickets flag can now edit the Title/Summary and the Ticket Owner via. the ticket details tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Back' button wouldn't show correctly on certain learning items when MenuV2 was enabled.
  • Persist the client side "View All Tickets"/"View My Tickets" toggle.
  • The portal will now remember this setting even if the user navigates away or closes the application.
  • Fix an issue where strings of the format '@something' inside ticket notes would be interpreted as GitHub repository links.
  • DD Forms Dynamic Fields support
  • Fix an issue in the "TicketsV2 UI" where the approval Approve/Decline dialog was not working.
  • Fix an issue where "Date" type fields inside DD Forms would be pre-populated with today's date.
  • Fix an issue with the Menu System sidenav where dark-theme wasn't supported
v2.2 - Released 6th May 2019
  • This release is the first stable release of the Desktop Client rewritten from JavaScript to TypeScript.
    The goal of this was to make the platform even more stable while also increasing development velocity.
  • Fix an issue where hotkeys using numpad0 - numpad9 as the activation key would crash the application.
    These activation keys have now been disabled as they are not supported by the version of the Electron framework we use.
  • Add support for v1 of the "Sticky Notifications" feature.
    This feature will allow your "Important Broadcast" type of notifications to remain visible on the users screen, until they dismiss them.[Documentation Incoming]


  • Fix: Set the correctAppUserModelID for Terminal Server deploys.This was previously set incorrectly, resulting in Windows notifications not displaying.


  • Fix: Removed duplicate menu item from macOS
  • Fix: Fixed issue on macOS where application wouldn't exit when existing from dock menu
  • Update: External content will no longer show within a modal window on macOS. This was causing issues where users could not close the content once it had opened
  • Update: Shortened placeholder text within category selection dropdown on Create Ticket page
  • Improvement: Added support to disable "Something Else" button on support UI
  • Improvement: Improved performance on Chat/DD Talk.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where user's default Avatar Icon would not display in the settings page


  • Fix: Revert the Electron Framework from v3.x to v2.x. Users will be required to re-login due to this.
  • Fix: Fix an issue where PDF content would not display inline, instead prompting the user to download
  • Update: Handle all 'new-window' requests in embedded content by opening the system default browser.
  • Improvement: Improve the layout of "Assigned Technicians" inside ticket-list list items
  • Fix: Fix an issue where dates would incorrectly display "yesterday" or "today" in certain situations
  • Update: Switch from <iframe> to <webview> elements when displaying learning content. This means that X-Frame protected content can still be rendered inline


  • Fix: Fix an issue where users could not switch between Wufoo Forms that existed in the same category
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the Learning Content page would display the loading-spinner indefinitely


  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove default HotKey. Previously if no HotKey had been configured, the client would fallback to "Ctrl+Shift+F12". This made it impossible to have "no hotkey". The HotKey must now be explicitly configured from the Admin Console.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Major update to electron framework v2.0.4 to v3.0.9.
  • FIX: Issue where the application would become unresponsive in certain situations when using the new Request Support UI.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add support for a "DISABLE_DESKTOP_SHORTCUT_CREATION" registry key to be specified. If this registry key is specified and the value is "true", the application will not create desktop shortcuts on install/update.


  • FIX: Fix an issue where notifications would break if there were notifications without a ticket reference associated with them. This will only affect clients that have used the public notification creation endpoint.
  • FIX: Fix an issue where notifications would break if there was a notification referencing a ticket which the user no longer had access to (deleted or otherwise)
  • FIX: Fix an issue with chat messages where they would wrap incorrectly on FireFox & Edge.
  • FIX: Fix an issue where the Quotes list did not scroll correctly.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Simplify the Notification settings inside the settings panel.
    -- Chat notification settings are removed
    -- Ticket Notes and Ticket Status update settings have been replaced by a single "Ticket Updates" setting
    -- These settings now persist per device after the application restarts
  • FIX: The Decline Approval dialog now requires a note to be entered. Previously the decline action would silently fail if no note was entered.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Approval Required counts are now checked every 10 minutes. They are also updated when the user performs an Approve action in the app. This will update the Badge on the main menu.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve the design of the "Search Tickets" input on the ticket list page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add the Ticket ID to the end of the ticket name on the ticket details page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Hide scrollbars on mobile sized devices
  • FIX: Fix an issue where the ticket reference was not populated inside the Chat "SessionCreated" webhook, when the chat session was created via the "Pre Ticket Chat" support option


  • IMPROVEMENT: Redesign notifications page. Notifications are grouped together based on Ticket
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where the 'Back Button' on the Ticket details page did not work when the user has navigated there via. a Ticket Notification on the Notifications page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve how timestamps are displayed. These are now less vague and display precise times.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change the size of the branding logo in the Menu. This was 200x200 but is not 150x150 as to make it consistent with the size used on the login screen.
  • FIX: [IE11] Fix rendering issues on the old request support screen


  • FIX / IMPROVEMENT: External Invoice integrations will now display a button to "Open in your Browser", when the Portal is running inside of the Desktop app. This is to resolve a ConnectBooster integration issue inside of the Desktop Portal.
  • FIX: Fix an issue where Chat Participants wouldn't show correctly in certain conditions when a user accepted a chat invitation for the first time
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add a system-message to the chat dialog when a user joins a chat.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Chat system messaged indicating a lack of activity in the chat room will now be displayed after 1 hour of inactivity ( was 24 hours )
  • FIX: [FireFox/MSEdge] Fix scrolling issues with the request-type list and forms.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Added breadcrumb based navigation for the new Request Support UI
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a new Broadcast carousel design for displaying broadcast notifications in the new Request Support UI
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved request-type navigation on tablet and mobile devices
  • FIX: Fix an issue where callback requests would be missing the callback note
  • FIX: Fix an issue where the CountryCode was not set correctly in the callback page
  • FIX: Fix an issue where the incorrect "Next office hours" would display
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quote line items now display their correct currency symbol
  • FIX: The icon set that is used by the Portal now loads from our own CDN. Users sometimes encountered missing icons, when these failed to load from the Google CDN.


  • FIX: Some external links inside portal would not open correctly.
  • FIX: ConnectBooster v2 users could not view invoices correctly.
  • Fix: PDF content would sometimes not render correctly.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add new registry setting to allow changing the applications "Roaming Path". This changes the location of per-user application files.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactor how the application handles opening external content. All external content is now handled the same way and will open in a new 'modal' type window. This means only one piece of external content can be open at any time. The user must close it before being able to interact with the main application again.


  • HOTFIX: Issue with ticket notification polling, where un-read ticket-notifications would continually create desktop notifications every 10 minutes.


  • FIX: Issue with "Statement Descriptions" in DD Forms.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add ticket notification polling.
  • FEATURE: Create alerts (desktop-notifications) when new ticket notifications received.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refresh ticket details when new ticket notification received over SSE, or new ticket notification detected on poll.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Use new screen-capture API for the desktop client. This enables the screenshot functionality to capture all displays.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update electron version from v1.7.9 to v1.8.4.


  • FIX: Show paid column for Invoices at all times. Previously was hidden when MSP had turned off 'enable paid/unpaid invoice'
  • FIX: Implement regular polling for notifications. The polling rate means that it could take up to 10 minutes for a Broadcast to update in the portal.


  • RELEASE: Conditional field support in DD-Forms.
  • FIX: DD-Forms wouldn't load under certain conditions
  • FIX: 'Chat on this ticket' button wouldn't appear immediately


  • FIX: New users are created with their FirstName as the first part of their email using V1


  • FIX: Long ticket titles, displayed at the top of the ticket page, would overflow and look bad.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added the full ticket title to the "Details Tab".
  • IMPROVEMENT: CW - Whenever an "External invoice site" is set up (e.g. connectbooster), but fails to load for some reason, the client will fall-back to ConnectWise based invoices without error.
  • FIX: Users could highlight text on a ticket page, and when dragged, would activate the 'Drop here to upload' image.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed the 'Approved' column from quotes.
  • FIX: 'Paid' / 'Unpaid' filters with invoices did not correctly filter the invoices.
  • FIX: PDF's wouldn't render full-size on the desktop client.
  • FIX: 'Go to settings' and 'Go to your details' menu items from the Application Tray. These no longer work with PortalV2.
  • FIX: Invoice PDF's would not display an inline PDF, instead prompting the user to download. These display inline again.
  • FIX: Application would relaunch to full screen on auto-update. The application now restarts to the system tray after is has auto-updated.


  • FIX: Issue where some side-nav items wouldn't appear in certain situations


  • FIX: Issue where the application didn't close when clicking File -> Close 


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update electron dependency from 1.6.11 -> 1.7.9
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove the 'Help' option in the nav.


  • FEATURE: Add the ability to enter Diagnostic Mode by hitting Ctrl+Shift+O
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed the global shortcut that opens the developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I).
    This is now a window shortcut instead of a global one. i.e. the application window has to be open and visible for this to work.
  • FIX: Issue where trying to flag a Quote/Invoice would result in the flag dialog automatically closing, and the quote/invoice dialog showing instead.
  • FIX: Issue where the login-logo would not scale nicely. It now scales the same way the nav-bar logo (in app) scales. This restricts the logo to a max-height and max-width of 200px, while maintaining the correct aspect ratio
  • FIX: Issue where the "Refresh" button on a ticket didn't actually do anything.
  • FIX: Issue where links inside Markdown content (i.e. timeline item notes) wouldn't open in a new tab. Now all links inside Markdown rendered content will open in a new tab. This also fixes a related issue with the desktop client, where clicking one of these links navigated the entire app away (user had to close to restart)
  • IMPROVEMENT: The QRCode inside the settings dialog is now hidden unless the user requests one to be generated. The QRCode now no longer continuously refreshes, but will instead expire and hide, until the user requests another.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase the scrollbar width in the app from 4px to 12px.
  • FIX: Issue where navigating to any of the 'Approval' ticket states, would prevent the user from then navigating to Open/Closed tickets successfully. (open/closed tickets simply wouldn't load)
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Several improvements to the Ticket Input component.
    • Centered the input area.
    • Display a "spinner" while the message/attachment is being sent.
    • Disable the input area while the message is being sent.
    • Grey out the 'Send' icon when the user is unable to send a message (i.e. they haven't entered anything)


  • FIX: Issue with the 'updateAndRestart' method.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update squirrel from v1.2.5 to v1.5.2
  • IMPROVEMENT: The app will now completely rely on Squirrel in order to create shortcuts. This includes desktop, start menu and start up shortcuts. Previously we had custom logic to create our own start up shortcuts, but with the change in how squirrel hooks into and runs the app, this is no longer viable.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The learning center will no longer show on the side nav if there are no learning center items to show.
  • FEATURE: Basic Request Types and DD Forms now support attachments and screenshots during ticket creation
  • FIX: Issue with forms validation. "greater_than" validation was being replaced with "greater_than_or_equal" validation.
  • FIX: The file-name in ticket attachment widgets will no longer overflow the widget.


  • FIX: Issues related to using the latest squirrel version
  • FIX: Issues with ReleaseScript


  • FIX: Issue where 'Request Support' inside the Tray menu, would not redirect the user to the CreateTicket screen.

Portal 2 only updates

  • IMPROVEMENT: Implement deep-linking for Quotes and Invoices by their ID
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implement deep-linking for displaying close/approve dialogs, when linking to a ticket by ID.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implement deep-linking for immediately starting a chat, when linking to a ticket by ID.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implement desktop notification on chat request.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Ticket Navigation -> The "MyTickets"/"Everyone's Tickets" filter is now preserved when navigating between screens.
  • FIX: Issue where the aspect-ratio of the branded logo was incorrect.
  • FIX: Issue where "Info" type notifications would not create a desktop notification.


  • FIX: Fix build scripts. Add version to the config.json, as this is no longer pulled from package.json inside the application.


  • IMPROVEMENTS: Changes to build system


  • FIX: Issue where the learning center wouldn't show correctly even if enabled.
  • FIX: Issue where the ticket title/summary templates did not show correctly
  • FIX: Issue where the user's STATE would be stuck on AWAY once it switched to AWAY.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Electron version from 1.4.12 -> 1.6.11. This fixed several issues including bugs with event-listeners on web-views (CB issues)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Explicit logging of the current application version (useful for Terminal Server environment)
  • FIX: Issue where the application would not close correctly on mac OS.


  • FIX: Issue where connect-booster ( and any webview would not load correctly )


  • FIX: Issue where the portal loading sequences would be skipped if the application started minimized.


  • FIX: Issue where the login-screen logo wouldn't show when DDPortal was installed under paths containing special characters.


  • FIX: Issue where logo/icon resources weren't displaying on the login screen if the path had spaces or parenthesis.


  • FIX: Issue where the client would hang on 'Connecting...'
  • FIX: Issue where the portal v1/v2 toggles in the admin console wouldn't force the client to switch over.


  • FIX: Issue where the offline screen wasn't working.


  • FIX: Issue where the msps logo, on the login screen, was not restricted in size.
  • FIX: Issue where the login screen was not scrollable. This presented an issue for users with limited vertical space, or those running the application in a non-fullscreen window


  • FIX: Issue where screenshot previews wouldn't render correctly in portalV1
  • FIX: Issue where screenshots would upload with the incorrect name and without the 'jpeg' extension, making them unable to be opened.
  • FIX: Issue where portalV2 material theming wasn't being recognised


  • FIX: Issue where wufoo forms inside of the new-ticket panel weren't rendering correctly.


  • FIX: Issue where Portal1 would display 'undefined' in notifications.


  • FIX: Fix an issue where users wouldn't be logged in automatically when using Portal2


  • FIX: Issue where switching between wufoo forms in 'Create New Ticket' wouldn't change the form.
  • FIX: Issue with 1.25 where the 'Update and Restart' menu button wasn't working correctly.


  • FEATURE: Added support for multi-user logins.
  • FEATURE: Added a notification count badge to the task-bar icon in Windows.
  • FIX: Issue where pdf content would prompt for the user to download e.g. viewing invoices.
  • FIX: Issue where pdf content opened in a new window would prompt for download e.g. pdfs in connectbooster


  • FIX: Fix an issue with creating contact on login


  • FIX: Issue where links opening to external windows wasn't working correctly.
  • CHANGE: Removed ability for the user to open links using the 'file:' protocol in the app. This means the user can no longer Ctrl+Click or Middle-Click around the app to open things in new windows, since the app is opened using the 'file:' protocol. This caused issues and crashed the app. This doesn't affect external content opening in new windows (as this will use http or https)


  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactored internal code
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated portal v2 version 2.0.0 to 2.0.1


  • FIX: Issue where the application wouldn't load on mac OS


  • FIX: Issue where users couldn't toggle portal versions
  • FIX: Issue associated with opening external links.


  • IMPROVEMENT: updated logging process.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactored ScreenConnect module.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactored implementation of PDF renderer.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactored internal code.
  • FEATURE: Added in the ability to switch to portal v2.
  • FIX: Issue where connectivity was detected as offline, when there was a proxy present.
  • FIX: Issue associated with automatic updates when a proxy was present.
  • IMPROVEMENT: replaced DDGetSid tool with a version targeting .NET v4.5, this removes the dependency on .NET 3.5.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed the way DDGetSid.exe is executed by node to improve the SID retrieval process for Terminal server users.


  • FIX: Shortcut issue.


  • FIX: Issue where Wufoo form submissions returned an error.
  • FIX: Shortcut issue.


  • FIX: Issue where cookies weren't being saved.
  • FIX: Issue where client wouldn't restart correctly on update.
  • FIX: Issue where the program icon in add/remove programs would become corrupted on update.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed the way that online detection works.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a new method of retrieving active directory user emails and names.
  • FEATURE: Added 'Take Screenshot' function to the 'Add ticket note' modal for a ticket.
  • FEATURE: Added client help page button to the profile screen.


  • FIX: Issue with sidebar not scrolling.


  • FIX: Issue with deep linking not working on macOS.
  • FIX: Issue where the learningID deeplink wasn't working correctly.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Application should automatically update when the user is away (inactive for 15minutes).


  • FIX: Issue where automatic login wasn't working for some users of active directory.
  • FEATURE: Added deeplinking with the ddportal:// protocol


  • IMPROVEMENT: Notification settings now default to ON rather than OFF.
  • FEATURE: Machine details added as an internal note when submitting a ticket.

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