Get started with the DeskDirector Power Automate Connector


Before you can get started with our Power Automate Connector, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have the correct Microsoft Power Automate licensing that allows you to use Premium connectors. If you are unsure, please contact Microsoft Support.
  • Your current DeskDirector plan is one of the following: Dynamic (legacy), Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • (Optional) If you want to use our Solution templates, you will need the additional requirement of a Dataverse database within your environment.


The DeskDirector connector helps you easily create automated workflows on the Power Automate platform.

View the current list of actions and triggers to see a summary of what our connector can offer.

There are also hundreds of other connectors on the platform that you can leverage. Some of our favourite connectors to use with DeskDirector include: Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Outlook, Dataverse and Excel Online.

How to set up a connection

In order to use the connector, you must first set up a connection. A connection allows you to access your DeskDirector data from Power Automate. There are two ways to do this within Power Automate.

  1. Under Data > Connections. Note: if you want to name the connection you need find it in the connection list and edit
  2. Within a flow: in the action/trigger menu, or when selecting a DeskDirector action/trigger for the first time

Connection Fields

  • Connection name: the display name of the connection. This option doesn't appear when creating a connection outside of a flow
  • Site Host: this is the host part of the URL of your site, for example
  • API Key: this is the API key which can be retrieved from your admin portal.
Use {subdomain} as the host even if your instance has custom domain(s). This is to make sure the connection is more robust.
If you refresh your DeskDirector API key, you will need to re-enter the credentials to any DeskDirector connections before they work again.

You're ready to start using the DeskDirector connector!

Once the connection is established, you can start using the connector just like any other connector on the platform.

If you are new to Power Automate, we recommend you read the next article on Power Automate administration, before you start creating or importing flows.

The best way to learn about the actions, triggers, their inputs and outputs is to dive right in and start creating flows with them.

Check out the template gallery for ready to import flows and solutions.

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