User Group FAQs

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Q: Is this feature available for my DeskDirector license?

A: Essential Plan license does not have access to this feature. Every other plan has access to it, unless explicitly stated.

Q: What is user group role?

A: Each designated role in a user group, have corresponding permissions. You can check out user role for group article for more details.

Q: Can I disallow guest user to create ticket under the user group?

A: By the time this feature is released, we don't have such capability. We are aware of the need for a POC (point of contact). We may expand this in the future when we look into POC in the future..

Q: What's the best practice on manage users inside group?

A: MSPs can create group and add managers for their client. The user group manager can then manage users. MSP can also choose to help them manage or automate it.

Q: I have already separated users of my client to different companies, can user group help with that?

A: No, user group does not support cross company. You can either add the user in different companies using the same email address to allow them to easily switch account, or merge companies inside Autotask or ConnectWise.

Q: How do we make sure tickets are created under user group?

A: Tickets created under user groups will belong to that user group. Manager of the group can switch ticket to the group. Technician can also change group for given ticket. On top of that, you can also achieve through automation.

Q: Can our client create user groups themselves?

A: Not at release of this feature. We do have plan to introduce it in the future. Current plan is to allow contact with all tickets permission to be able to create user group, edit group name or group icon.

Q: Is user group able to integrate with ConnectWise site?

A: Yes. ConnectWise site can exist as one of virtual group, similar to all tickets, my tickets. User need ConnectWise site permission.

Q: Are we able to give ConnectWise site access per company instead of contact?

A: Yes you can, under company's permissions tab, you can add site access. This is only available for ConnectWise.

Q: Will site approver works if I enable site access for whole company? (ConnectWise)

A: No. since release of user group, site approver feature now moved to limited support. We will keep functionality as long as possible but it is not recommended. Site approver only works for contact who has permission enabled, not company level permission.

Q: I have updated ConnectWise site's name, but user's client portal still displaying old name.

A: DeskDirector is using cached data to populate site name. In the future we will look into resolution.

Q: I am currently using Group tags. Is there a way I can convert these into user groups?

A: Yes, we will provide a way for you to easily migrate and convert these group tags into user groups. This way, once everyone has moved to User Groups, we can deprecate group tags.

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