Logging in to DeskDirector Workflow

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This article walks through the features and behaviour of the DeskDirector sign in page.

Step 1: Enter email address

The user will need to enter their email address of the account they want to sign in to:

If the email address isn't associated with a contact inside your PSA, the user will have the opportunity to create a contact in step 4. The user can only create a new contact if their email domain has been registered against a company on the associated company profile page inside the admin console. If their domain is not registered against a company they will see this message instead:

Step 2: Select platform

There are 3 platforms that a user may sign in to. They are the Admin Portal, Tech Portal, and the Client Portal. These options will only display if the user's email address is associated with the corresponding entity. For example, if your email is associated with both a contact and a member/resource, then you will see all three platforms:

If your email address is only associated with a single entity type, this step will be skipped altogether. This means that most contacts will never see this page, they will skip straight to step 3.

Step 3: Select sign in method

There are 3 possible sign in methods to choose from depending on which features you have configured (and which platform the user has selected). These are Microsoft Oauth, email token, and password.

Step 4: Create contact (Client Portal platform only)

If the user does not exist inside your PSA, they will be able to create a contact as they sign in. Only Microsoft Oauth and the email token sign in methods can be used in this situation. When using email token, the user will have the option to enter some details about themselves:

If the user chose Microsoft OAuth, then all their information will be sourced from their Microsoft account.

Step 5: Select account (Client Portal platform only)

If the user has more than one account associated with their email address, they will have the chance to select which one to sign in to:

Step 6: Stay signed in

After the user has successfully signed in, they will be asked whether they want to stay signed in. If they choose "yes" a persistent cookie will be saved to their machine. If they select "no" a session cookie will be saved instead.

After this step, the user will be redirected to their chosen platform.

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