Adding ConnectWise Sell (previously Quosal) Order Porter link to opportunity

DeskDirector uses a link added to an Opportunity in ConnectWise to show the corresponding Order Porter. Quosal Create adds this link automatically while Quosal Sell does not. The details below explain how to add this link.

Step 1. Get the Order Porter URL

Once the quote has been pushed to Order Porter you can either grab the URL from the Internet browser window or by selecting Copy Order Porter URL to Clipboard from the Order Porter menu in Quosal Create.

Step 2. Add URL to Opportunity

With the corresponding opportunity on screen in ConnectWise. Go to the Documents tab and click the button to add a new document.Select Url and Paste the URL you copied in Step 1 into the Url to Upload box (highlighted in green below). All you need to do now is hit the save and close button and the document will be added with the title starting onlineOnce these steps are done you should find in DeskDirector when the client clicks the recommendation the corresponding Order Porter will display in DeskDirector. 


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How to configure ConnectWise Sell (previously Quosal) Order Porter integration