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DeskDirector Modes in Microsoft Teams: Tech Mode & Client Mode

With the DeskDirector app integrated into your Microsoft Teams organizational account, you can harness its functionality in two distinct modes: "Tech mode" and "Client mode".

  1. Tech Mode: This mode is primarily designed for service agents and engineers who handle the backend of ticket management. They can view, update, and manage tickets in a streamlined interface, giving them full control over the support process.
  2. Client Mode: Ideal for general users or clients, this mode allows them to easily create and view their support tickets. It offers a simplified interface, ensuring users have a straightforward experience when seeking support.

When both modes are active within the same Microsoft Teams tenancy, you have the flexibility to set a default mode for when you open the DeskDirector portal in Teams. For instance, while engineers might gravitate towards the 'Tech mode', other team members can default to the 'Client mode' for creating and viewing tickets.

Understanding the Scope of Working Modes in Teams

It's essential to grasp how the working modes operate within the context of Microsoft Teams. Each working mode's scope is defined by an individual team. Given that a team can contain multiple channels, it's important to note that all these channels under the same team will utilize the same working mode. In other words, if you set a team to use 'Tech Mode', all channels within that team will operate in 'Tech Mode' and vice versa for 'Client Mode'. This design ensures consistency in the user experience across all channels of a particular team.

Setting the Default Mode in DeskDirector within Microsoft Teams

To configure your preferred default mode for the DeskDirector portal tab within Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. Access Microsoft Teams: Launch your Microsoft Teams application.
  2. Locate DeskDirector: On the left-hand side panel, find and click on the DeskDirector app icon.
  3. Navigate to Settings: Once you're inside the DeskDirector app, head to the 'Settings' tab.
  4. View Portals: Within the 'Settings' tab, you'll notice a menu displaying multiple portals.
  5. Choose Default Portal: From this menu, there's a dropdown list containing different portals. Select the portal you'd like to set as the default.

After setting your default portal, every time you access the DeskDirector portal tab in Microsoft Teams, it will launch in your chosen mode.

Note that this is a personal, per-user setting, and when it's not set the first mode setup within the tenancy is considered the default by the DeskDirector app.

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