Time Stamps in DeskDirector Portal

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To eliminate noise and unnecessary clutter in both the DeskDirector client and tech portal, we only place a rounded off timestamp in both portals.

The logic of the rounded off timestamps are as follows:

  • less than 5 secs = just now
  • less than 60 seconds = xx seconds ago
  • 1 min = 1 minute ago
  • less than 60 min. = xx minutes ago
  • 1 hour = an hour ago
  • less than 24 = xx hours ago
  • for days, we calculate based on the excess hours per day. Less than 22 is rounded down while bigger or equal to 22 is rounded up.
    • e.g.
      • 44 hours will display one day ago (1 day and 20 hours)
      • 46 hours will display 2 days ago. (1 day and 22 hours)
  • For date more than 5~7 days ago, we display Date and Month.
  • For date from last year, we display Date, month and year.

Q: But I want to view the actual timestamp, with date and time. How can I view it?

A: Hover over the rounded off timestamps, and that should reveal the full date and time stamp

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