Featured Solution: Teams Ticket Discussion

We now have a new solution for creating discussion threads in Microsoft Teams via the DeskDirector Teams app integration, click here for more details.

Easily create ticket discussion threads in Microsoft Teams with our Power Automate Solution template.

  • Simply tag a ticket from the Tech portal to create a thread
  • Adds a Teams thread deep-link in the ticket so anyone can find and continue the discussion
  • Adds a ticket deep-link in the Teams thread for context
  • Ticket replies are automatically added to the Teams thread in real-time


Video Guide

Step by step guide in video form. No audio.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Create a Microsoft Teams channel, or have an existing one you can use.
  2. Set up required connections in Power Automate, if you don't have these already.
    1. DeskDirector
    2. Microsoft Teams. The account used for the connection needs to have access to the channel from the previous step.
    3. Microsoft Dataverse
  3. Import the Solution into Power Automate.
    1. Import the source zip
    2. Map your connections from the previous step.
  4. Configure Solution
    1. Open the Config cloud flow
      1. Open the setup scope
      2. Config action
        1. domain (string): DeskDirector domain in the form of subdomain.deskdirector.com. This is used to link the Tech portal ticket in the chat message.
        2. allowNewThreads (boolean): if true, it will allow creation of a new thread even if there is an existing one for the ticket. Recommend you leave it as false.
      3. Post message in a chat or channel action
        • Post as: bot or on behalf of a user
        • Post in: input value must be Channel
        • Team: from step 1
        • Channel: from step 1
      4. Save.
      5. Execute the flow via test run or live run. This will save your configurations. If at any point you want to update any of the configurations, simply update and run the flow again.
    2. Return to Solution overview (previous tab). Make sure the flows are enabled. Other components like connection references may say 'Off' but this is fine.
    3. Check your configs have been saved.
      1. Open the Config Dataverse table.
      2. Select Data tab, then view Custom columns in the dropdown.
    4. A test message will be sent to your specified Teams channel every time the config flow executes.
  5. Test the Solution
    1. Open a Tech portal ticket and add the 'teams' tag. This should trigger the Teams thread creation.
    2. An internal note should appear with a link to the Teams thread
    3. Tech notestech time entries and contact notes will be added to the Teams thread as replies
    4. Replies posted on the thread via Teams will not be added to the ticket


Note and Teams message content can be edited to show or hide detail. For example, if you wanted to show the company name in the initial thread message, go to the Ticket Tagged flow and add the company name parameter from the trigger output to the message body.

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