Building the DeskDirector Desktop Portal Installer (v4)

This KB only applies to the Legacy Desktop Portal up until v4.7.
  1. You can find the Desktop client by logging into your admin console and navigating to the Portal > Desktop Installer section.
  2. Specify what you want to call the Desktop Application:
  3. Follow the instructions and upload your desired icon and logo:
    Logo has been deprecated in the DeskDirector Desktop Portal version 3.x. The desktop portal will inherit the web portal's logo explained here.
  4. Retrieve the Desktop application from the 'Download' Tab. You will get prompted to build the installers from this page. After the Windows and/or Mac installers are built, download them from the page.

Once the portal is built, you should be able to download the Windows/Mac version of the desktop portal brand you created. For Windows, you can download .EXE or .MSI. The EXE installer has been deprecated, so it is best to use the MSI installer instead.

For Mac users, they are also presented with 2 options - a ZIP archive (ZIP) and a Disk Image (DMG) file. They can select any of these 2 installers. These are supported on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) and later.

Once the Desktop installer is built, you should be ready to install it.

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