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This is the place where your customers will come to find their tickets. Please note that Portal displays tickets that have been updated within the last 6 months.

Let's go over the parts that make up this ui.


The filter is made up of several parts:

  • Ticket state (open, closed, all): users can choose whether they want to search closed or open tickets
  • Search: users can search for ticket summaries, descriptions, or ticket numbers
  • Category (All tickets, My tickets): this option is only available if a user has access to all tickets, is an approver, or is the default contact for their company. You can read more about these permissions here. More details about the category filter are described below.
  • Refresh: users can manually refresh the ticket list

The category filter allows users to select whether they want to view all tickets, or only their own. If this has been set to all tickets, then users can additionally filter the results to a specific contact. This is done by clicking the vertical ellipses on the right hand side of the filter box.

After clicking this button a dialog will appear. From here a contact can be selected:

After selecting a contact, the filter will be applied:

The list is divided into pages with 20 results per page. To navigate through pages, use the controls in the floating button at the bottom of the page:

You can navigate back and forward through pages, or you can select a page from the dropdown in the middle

To view a ticket, users can click the ticket summary of a list item. They will be taken to the ticket details page.

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Ticket Details