Clean Tickets

One of the most annoying things to deal with when working on tickets that arrive from an email connector is the amount of clutter present in a typical email. You have things like Microsoft safelinks, email signatures, reply chains, and legal disclaimers. DeskDirector's clean tickets aims to remove this clutter from every ticket note on every ticket.

Lets take a look at this feature in action.

The ticket as seen in ConnectWise

The ticket inside Tech with clean tickets

In this example, the entire reply chain and legal disclaimer have been hidden away inside Tech. To view the contents of the email chain, you can click the 'show more' button. Inside the hidden text, the Microsoft safelinks have also been shortened. This makes it even easier to scan the email for relevant content.

A note about signatures

Signatures are quite hard to reliably filter out, so even though we try our best to get rid of these you will still see a few signatures on your tickets. The problem stems from there not being a followed standard for email signatures which makes it very hard to determine which part of an email is the signature.

When we began this feature of clean tickets, we quickly discovered that it is a very complex problem. We searched for information on how other people may have solved this problem and found that Mailgun implemented this feature a few years ago. Our work is based on the research papers they link in this article.

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