User can't see All Tickets

This is one of the most common issues we get in Support. A User can't see "All Tickets" from their company. 

The main cause of this issue is that the user does not have the "All Tickets" permission active in DeskDirector. 

In order to activate the "All Tickets" permission, you have to follow these steps:

1. Go to your admin console (https://[yourdeskdirectorname]

2. Go to "Maintain Contacts" and look for the user, then click their name to go into their details. 

3. Click on the 'Permissions' Tab and enable custom permissions for the user by turning the switch 'ON'. Select "All Tickets" and then hit save.

Once enabled, from DD Portal the user will now have the option to view their own tickets, or all tickets for that company:

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