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Getting Started with Broadcasts

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Broadcasts are an excellent way to notify your customers on critical outages and important messages. Broadcasts can be easily created from the DeskDirector Tech Portal.

Who can create broadcasts?

Broadcasts can be created either by members/resources set to Master Admin or Advanced User. Managing member/resource tech portal roles can be easily done from the DeskDirector admin console.

Creating a broadcast:

Broadcasts can be easily created from the DeskDirector Tech Portal, then click on the broadcast tab in the left panel. As mentioned above, the technician must have a specific role to be able to see the tab or use feature. When on the broadcast list page, click on "Create" button to start.

Enter the message details

To get started with creating a broadcast, select whether the broadcast is "Important" or "Normal". Broadcasts set to "Important" will appear on several pages, while "Normal" broadcasts will only appear on the Notifications tab of the Client Portal.

Enter a message which can be up to 255 characters (this is required). You can also add a link to to the broadcast message, which you can use to direct users to an external site that contains more information of the broadcast that can't fit within 255-character limit on the message.

Create email broadcast?

Sending broadcast as email was introduced in Tech Portal v1.32 (Email Broadcast Update). This enables you to send a separate broadcast via a formatted email into the target company/contact's email address.

If you just want to send a simple broadcast that will appear in the portal, you can uncheck "Send broadcast email to notify users". Check this more detailed information about the Email Broadcast Update.

Only customers on the Dynamic Plan or Legacy Plan can create and send email broadcasts.

Select publish and end date

When creating broadcasts, you can specify when you want it to go live and when you want them to end - either manually or a scheduled end.

Select broadcast filters

This step allows you to select the companies you want to target for the broadcast. You can search companies via their company names, or you can use company tags if you want to target the broadcast to companies with specific tags. You can finetune the targets for the broadcast using Contact tags. This comes handy if you want to target a specific set of users with the same tags, or those under a group tag.

In the example above, we are trying to target the notifications to three companies, then filter it further by targeting it to contacts in the company that has the "vip" tag in them. Only 2 users matched the filter and will be the only ones who will be targeted for this broadcast.

Review the broadcast.

The last step in creating a broadcast should be a preview of everything that you have set so far. It will show how the portal notification will appear, the publish and end time, how the email notification will look and who the broadcast recipients are.

If there's anything you want to change, just click on the Previous button. DO NOT click on "Back" from the browser (or the "Back" shortcut from your mouse or keyboard) as you will lose all the changes you made.

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Managing Broadcasts