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ConnectWise has announced deprecation and removal of integration APIv1 and v2 by end of 2019. It is also known as SOAP API.

Since ConnectWise Manager 2019.4, SOAP API is no longer functional correctly, by 2019.5, half of the APIs been removed.

We highly recommend our customer to move to ConnectWise APIv3. I will go through step by steps on how should it be done.

  1. Create API member and obtain integration credential

Please referring to article Creating a ConnectWise RESTful API Key.

  1. Login into your DeskDirector's admin portal.

You can find your DeskDirector server's admin portal by extend path "/admin" to your server host. You can use OAuth to login by click on "Sign in with Microsoft" button. You can also use mail token by enter your email or user name of PSA and click on send magic token.

  1. Navigate to PSA integration page in the admin console > System > PSA Integration .
  2. Use update integration credential button to add credential you have just obtained
  3. If you have entered APIv3's credential before, you can perform test on credential at following page.
  4. Once credential been entered and tested. You can go back to PSA Integration page, and remove SOAP credential.
  5. You can now testing ticket creation through contacts page and impersonate one of contact.

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