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- Bigger Brains needs to be purchased as an add-on component
(in Account > Configuration > Components)
- In Feature Preview, the Custom Menu System needs to be released to all companies

You can now see a Demo of BiggerBrains courses offering in your Admin Console

Portal > BiggerBrains Demo

BiggerBrains comes in two sets of courses (each is a distinct add-on component):

  • Office Courses, solely focused on Microsoft products;
  • General Courses, centered around business topics

How to implement BiggerBrains in your Portal

BiggerBrains gets treated as a Menu Item, which is why you must have the Custom Menu System released to all companies before you use it.

  1. Enable the component from your Admin Console
    (Account > Configuration > Component)
  2. Move onto Portal > Menu Items and create a new one.
    BiggerBrains has its own Extension Menu item so it's super easy to enable: you just need to click on the dropdown menu and select it. Then, select the product you're interested in: MS Office or General.
    Pick a name and an icon, and then save.
  3. If you're releasing BiggerBrains to all your clients, then all you have to do is go to Portal > Menus and add the Menu Item to the Default Menu.
  4. If you're releasing BiggerBrains to only a few of your clients, then you will need to create a new Custom Menu, add the Menu Item to it, and then assign it to the relevant companies.

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