What is DD Tech?

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DD Tech is a simple to use tool from DeskDirector, designed from the ground up to make your Level 1 & 2 helpdesk technicians more efficient in creating and managing support tickets.


Simplicity is a core goal of DD Tech. The interface is modern and clean designed for a Level 1 or 2 helpdesk tech, removing all the unimportant “extras” that exist within your PSA. Given the high number of different people PSAs cater for, they can be very complex and hard to learn, especially for new hires. DD Tech focuses only on helpdesk operations of creating and managing tickets & capturing time, and removes the other distractions of a full PSA.


DD Tech is built to be fast – it’s a web-based SaaS application built upon your existing Desk Director infrastructure. Create new requests, enter notes, capture worked time & close tickets all within a single screen. All extended functions such as Chat, Broadcasts, Notifications etc all live in the same single pane, easy to find and ready for immediate use.


Everything your helpdesk technician requires is all in one place and nothing else. Tech’s can create and triage tickets quickly, manage live chat and customer expectations all through one interface. Custom macro’s mean repeatable work can not only be automated and standardised, but quickly shared & consumed across the team. Automated timers start, stop and insert time instantly which means no more lost time. Our multi-tab interface allows your team to manage and work on multiple tickets at once and are persistent even on browser refresh.


  • Create, view, edit, and close tickets from a single interface
  • View your schedules and get reminders for today's schedule
  • Use the new DD Talk chat system from the same interface
  • Send Broadcasts to your users to inform them of important messages
  • Automate ticket replies, or trigger webhooks when updating a ticket with Macros
  • Trigger notifications using our API to notify your techs of important events
  • Never lose track of tickets with multiple in-screen tabs that persist
  • See your customers presence (requires DD Talk)
  • Format & standardise using markdown for a shared, professional & branded response within the Customer Portal
  • Create and enforce Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

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