Managing Tickets from the Tech Portal

The DeskDirector Tech Portal's main use is basically for technicians and customer to interact via tickets or chats. Normally, interaction with technicians are initiated by customers by submitting a t…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 10 months ago by Edcel Ceniza

Tech Portal Ticket Details

The ticket details page is where you see all the specifics of the ticket - initial issue, tickets/notes added, assigned techs, sender, and all other information and features specific for the ticket.…

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 6 months ago by Edcel Ceniza

Creating a Ticket from the Tech Portal

Techs do not just answer created tickets from the tech portal, they can also initiate contact by creating a ticket. To create a ticket from the DeskDirector Tech Portal, simply select Tickets from le…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 10 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen

Request more information (forms request) with Task Forms

A Task F orm is a feature which allows you to send forms to Portal users to fill out after a ticket has been created. This is perfect if a ticket has come through the email connector, or if the user…

Andrew Lahikainen
Updated 6 months ago by Andrew Lahikainen