Webhook Example with Zapier

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In this article, we will be running over a simple example of leveraging Webhooks with Zapier. Although the free tier has limitations, signing up for a Zapier account is great to use for testing.

Example using Webhook with Zapier

Our customer Aaron Corney has been playing around with Webhooks recently, and his manager has requested to be notified via email every time he logs a ticket.

Creating the Webhook on Zapier
  • Sign into Zapier
  • Create a new Webhook
  • Set the trigger to Catch Hook
  • Save & Continue
  • This will generate out Custom Webhook URL
  • Copy this to your clipboard
  • We will now need to subscribe to this URL from our DeskDirector Admin Console
  • Login to your DD Admin Console > Advanced > Webhook.
  • Our event filter is "New Ticket" - this will post whenever a New Ticket is created using DeskDirector.
  • Our description is "DeskDirector Test" - name your Webhook so it is easily identifiable
  • We will paste in our URL and click Create Webhook
  • Back on Zapier, we will select "OK, I did this"
  • Zapier will now listen for the Webhook to be triggered, since we selected "New Ticket", we will have to create a ticket.
  • If successful, our New Ticket would trigger and be picked up by Zapier.
  • We now want to filter this result, so the Zap is only run when the contact_name variable is equal to "Aaron Corney".
  • We will create a filter as step 2, where the "Contact Name" needs to exactly match "Aaron Corney" to continue.
  • From here, Zapier offers a large amount of possibilities. However for this example, we will just send an email using Zapier's built in email tool.
  • We will create a 3rd action using the settings below.
  • Once saved and enabled, we will now receive an email whenever Aaron Corney logs a ticket.

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