Creating a ConnectWise RESTful Integrator API Key

Since ConnectWise manager 2019.5 has removed their API v1 and v2, you can safely delete integrator login and use key created from this article for integration. 

Create an API member
  1. In ConnectWise Manage, go to System > Members > API Members
  2. Click + to create a new API member
  3. In the Member ID field type DeskDirector
  4. Enter an email address (this should be a functioning email address at your company)
  5. You could give a generic member name such as Support Agent. You could also use more specific name. Such as DeskDirector API. There is known issue in ConnectWise email system, where it uses API member's name instead of note's owner when note is logged by API member on behalf of given user.
  6. Under System, select the Role ID Admin - or - select the custom security role you have created. Custom security role we will detail out the setting at end of this article.
  7. Under System, select the Level* to be Corporate.
  8. Complete any remaining required fields. The values you enter into these fields won't impact DeskDirector. For fields that aren't required, feel free to leave these blank or choose the default setting.
  9. Click Save.
Creating an API Key
  1. Select the API member created for DeskDirector in the previous section and click the API Keys tab
  2. Click + to create a new API Key
  3. For description enter API-Key, then click Save
  4. Make sure to write down the private key somewhere, else as it will only show up when it is created
Entering the API Key into DeskDirector

If you are migrating from SOAP to RESTful, then you will need to add the Public and Private key to your DeskDirector Instance. If you are a new client, then just add the details to the sign up form. 

  1. Add the keys to your DeskDirector under the Sytem > PSA Integration in the Admin Console. If you are changing from SOAP to REST, you will need to email DD Support at this point so they can enable the RESTful sync
Security Role

How the Security Role for the RESTful API member with admin role should look like:

Admin role is recommended. DeskDirector is an ever-evolving platform, where with permission to all the APIs avoids future modification requirement when the platform evolves.



Custom security role for API member (Minimum requirement - 25th of July 2019)

Below is the minimum requirement for custom security role. Keep in mind that this list is only valid at the time of this article, we will continue update this as DeskDirector evolves. (Security Role is under CW Manage => System => Security Roles. Login as admin to view and modify)







Service Desk


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