DDPortal removal tool - uninstalling Windows portals

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This tool is to help you remove Desktop Portals, so that you will have a fresh environment when you install the latest desktop portal version.

The versions to uninstall includes:

  • WPF clients
  • Desktop Portal v2 (Hybrid + Squirrel and terminal version)
  • Desktop Portal v3

Usage Guide

  1. Download the CLI tool from here.
  2. Run the tool with your RMM tool.
    Important Notes:
  • Administrative privileges require. This is because the tool removes all machine-wide installed portals.
  • Quiet mode. Add the /quiet parameter to enable quiet mode, this means uninstalling without user confirmation.
  • Logging. Use >> filename to save the uninstall logs (append after optional parameters), ignore this if your RMM tool can capture the console outputs.

Example 1

Run the following command to remove all installed portals.

DdUninstaller /quiet >>log.txt

Example 2

Remove all old version but keep the latest v3 version portal and the user settings folder.

DdUninstaller /quiet /keepUserSettings /keepLatestV3Version >>log.txt

Optional parameters


Enable quiet mode, uninstalling without user confirmation.

Usage example: DdUninstaller /quiet


Keep the latest v3 portal, use it with together /keepUserSettings when specified.

Use this parameter if you want to keep the latest v3 version and remove other older versions.


Keep files under user folders %appdata%\DeskDirector Portal

These folders contain files for logs and session cookies, etc.

Usage example: DdUninstaller /keepUserSettings /quiet

/remove:"Your app name"

Specify additional apps to be removed.

Only use this when the tool fails to find your installed portals. See How to remove registry remains.

How to remove registry remains

You may find that after an app has been uninstalled, the app is removed from the Windows system's "Add or remove programs" list but it still exists in your RMM tool. This is because the windows system still keeps a record for this app. The record is for reinstall the app. In this case, you can use the following guide to completely remove it from users's machine.

  1. Identify the app(s) to be removed.

The name of the portal should look like * Machine-Wide Installer in the RMM tool, e.g. My Awesome Portal Machine-Wide Installer. This is the remains from the previous version (v2).

  1. Remove the registry key with the /remove parameter.

For example, specify Brand 1 Machine-Wide Installer and Brand 2 Machine-Wide Installer to be cleaned up with the /remove parameter.

DdUninstaller /quiet /keepUserSettings /keepLatestV3Version /remove:"Brand 1 Machine-Wide Installer" /remove:"Brand 2 Machine-Wide Installer" >>log.txt

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