Common WuFoo errors

Please note this is an outdated article, so the information might no longer be relevant. 


The two most common issues with our WuFoo integration are related to either:

A) The DDMeta field not being present or 

B) The redirect link not being correctly entered.

Addressing A) To create the DDMETA field navigate to your form in WuFoo:

  1. Create a new Paragraph Text field
  2. Give it the Field Label DDMETA
  3. Add the CSS keyword hide to ensure the client won't see this field

Addressing B) To setup the redirect link navigate to your form in WuFoo and click on Form Settings:

  1. Click Form Settings from your form
  2. Select Redirect to Website
  3. Enter the redirection URL detailed below

Get Redirect URL:

If you have saved your form inside Wufoo, you will be able to see the redirect URL generated for you on the form inside the Admin Console. Copy this and paste it into the redirect URL field of the form settings. You can also set up a redirect for opportunities; just change the WufooTicketRedirect part to WufooOppRedirect.


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