Debugging Your Wufoo Integration

Wufoo is no longer supported. Please move to our own custom forms.


Debugging Your Wufoo Integration

The Wufoo integration can sometimes be a bit tricky to get up and running, so we've added a debugging section to make your life easier. Check out how to use it...

Accessing your Forms

Navigate to your Wufoo page inside the admin console. This should be on your sidebar under Integrations > Wufoo. From there you will see a blue forms button. Hit it.

Viewing Your List of Forms

From this screen you will be able to see a list of all of your forms from Wufoo. These are pulled down live so are always up to date. If you click on a form's name you will be able to see a bunch of meta data relating to the integration.

Meta Data

This page is really useful for debugging any problems you are having with Wufoo. You can:

  • See what the redirect URL should be (you no longer need to manually build this, just copy and paste and you're done.)
  • See whether you have included the DDMETA field
  • See if you are using a summary field (and the name of it)
  • See how many summary append fields you are using (you will get warnings if you are using more than 2)


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